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We are a full service, licensed, bonded and insured, Private Investigation firm serving the greater Connecticut area.

Servicing customers in English, Italian, and Spanish.

New Clients for 2010
Law Firms:
  • Law Office of Sally A. Roberts
  • Law Office of Halloran & Sage
  • Law Office of Brown Paindiris & Scott
  • Law Office of Segarra & Associates
  • Law Office of Peter Upton & Associates
  • Law Office of Jon L. Schoenhorn & Associates
  • Greene Law Office
  • Attorney Peter F. Odlum
  • Attorney Paul M. Sabetta
  • Attorney A. Paul Spinella
  • Law Office of Katz & Seligman
  • Attorney Suzanne M. Scibilia

New Clients for 2011
Law Firms:

  • Attorney Heidi Avila, LLC
  • Law Office of Steven R. Slattery, LLC
  • Attorney Justin C. Freeman
  • Attorney Averum J. Sprecher
  • Attorney Hugh Keefe
  • Law Office of Morrissey, Morrissey & Mooney, LLC
  • Attorney Donald Freeman
  • Law Office of Denise Lynn Evarts
  • Attorney Bonye Wolf-Barone
  • Attorney John Maxwell
  • Attorney Robert B. Muchinsky
  • Attorney Michael P. Foley, Jr.
  • Attorney S. Zaid Hassan
  • Attorney Bridgett Gallagher

New Clients for 2012:

  • Attorney Edward M. Cassella
  • Attorney H. Brian Dumeer
  • Law Office of Moore Leonhardt & Associates LLC
  • Law Office of Fitzpatrick, Fray, & Bologna LLC
  • Law Office of McHugh, Chapman & Montalbano, LLC
  • Attorney Angel Lugo
  • Attorney Joseph Elder
  • Attorney Frederick M. Vollono
  • Attorney David Sauer
  • Attorney James M. Marinelli
  • Attorney Mark A. Balaban
  • The Siegel Law Firm, LLC
  • Attorney Kate W. Haakonsen
  • Attorney Peter M. Appleton
  • Gregory Executive Services, Sarasota, Florida
  • Evernet Consulting, LLC
  • Attorney Stephen F. McEleney
  • Attorney Josephine Miller
  • Attorney Dick Brown
  • The American Red Cross
  • Forensic Accounting Services, LLC


New Clients for 2013:

  • Focus Solutions, LLC
  • Law Office of Brown Paindiris & Scott, LLP
  • Attorney David Hartshorn
  • Attorney John Pavano
  • Attorney Melissa A. Harris
  • Law Office of Michael F. Dowley & Associates 
  • Attorney Joseph J. Shainess
  • Law Office of John P. Calabrese
  • Attorney Deborah L. Bradley

New Clients for 2014:

  • Central Connecticut Investigative Services, LLC
  • PICA Corporation
  • Attorney Michael Epright
  • Law Office of Drew & Associates
  • Attorney Joe Merly
  • Farraro Law Firm, LLC
  • Law Office of Dzialo, Pickett & Allen, P.C.
  • Volkswagen Corporation
  • Attorney Eisemann
  • Attorney Santacroce
  • Attorney Zaslow
  • Attorney Harrington
  • Attorney Guarnieri
  • Dionne Investigations 
  • Attorney Shaiken
  • Attorney Rocco
  • Middletown Nissan 
  • Attorney Geoffrey Einhorn
  • Forensic Accounting Services, LLC
  • Hanrahan Investigations
  • The Connection Incorporated 
  • Attorney Povano
  • Attorney Eamonn Wisneski 
  • Attorney Rober Dwyer 
  • Spadafora Investigazioni 
New Clients for 2015:
  • Attorney Derek Lim
  • Attorney Rutkowska
  • Gradaworld
  • Hanrahan Investigations
  • Pinnacle Group Investigations
  • Attorney LaSaracina
  • IronClad Services
  • Employment Check INC
  • Central Connecticut Investigative Services
  • Attorney Mark Carrington
  • Attorney Stephanie Bernstein
  • WPT Associates 
  • Attorney Sisca
  • Subtle Investigations
  • Attorney Jeffery Brownstein
  • FRG Lawfirm
  • Attorney Rado
  • Attorney Miltenberg
  • Attorney Weber 
  • Middconn Federal Credit Union
  • Specalized Investigations 
New Clients for 2016:
  • The Cadle Company
  • Hayward Property Rentals
  • Attorney Richard Paladino
  • Attorney Phillip Zuckerman
  • Attorney Christopher Farrell
  • Attorney Phrances Szewczyk
  • Calvary Baptist Church
  • Attorney John Palumbo
  • CAS Construction
  • Attorney Kevin McEleny
  • Attorney Paul Mawn
  • Edmund Sullivan/Accident Reconstruction
  • The Moynahan Law Firm
  • Attorney Steven McHugh
  • Attorney Ken Barber
New Clients for 2017:
  • Attorney William Dezinno
  • Attorney Houlihan Jr.
  • Law Firm Boyle,Shaughnessy&Campo P.C.
  • Attorney James Sulick
  • Hampton Investigations LLC
  • Attorney Paladino
  • Garda World Inc
  • Attorney Brendan Mahoney
  • Nutmeg Investigations LLC
  • Attorney David LaChance
  • Attorney James Armentano
  • Attorney Gerace
  • Attorney Wm. Palmieri
  • Central Bureau of Investigations LLC
  • Attorney Kaloidis
  • Attorney Joseph Merly
  • Attorney Malcolm Barlow
  • Attorney Kenneth Namnoun Jr.
  • Attorney William O'Sullivan
  • Law Firm O'Sullivan,McCormack,Jensen&Bliss
New Clients for 2018:
  • Nutmeg Investigations

Customer Comments

"Rick you are the best, thanks for all your help. You are the best at getting witnesses for my case. Thanks for always staying on track and being professional."
Client - June 2010

"Rick is the best investigator I have ever worked on my legal files. He has an uncanny ability to ferret out information, track down leads, and get witnesses to talk to him. I retain Rick's services on all my legal files that need investigation." 
Attorney Sally Roberts - January 2010

"I am very impressed by your high quality work and will be using you again!"
Attorney John R Williams - November 2009

"Dear Rick,
God bless you.
You have been working very hard so that you give me a lot of info about my brother. I thank you.
I am happy and I am crying for he's alive. God took care of him. I thank God and you."
A very happy client - February 2010

Your report was fabulous on this case." 
Attorney Lou Flynn - February 2010

You and Cathy have done stupendous work on this case. "
Attorney Lou Flynn - February 2010

I really enjoyed being your client. You've fulfilled my expectations and more. Good luck with everything."
Judy S., Client - June 2011
"Your case work has resulted in a $600,000. settlement. Thank you."- Att. Flynn- Feb. 2016
"I can't thank you enough for clearing my son's name from the allegations made against him".- Sally E. - Client - Feb. 2016

"This is amazing information and will definitely impact our case in a positive way".  Attorney Christopher Farrell - Jan. 2017

"We always use you to serve our subpoenas. You go the extra to locate the individuals and are quick to serve". Katz & Seligman- March, 2017
"I received the statement, excellent work, as always" - Attorney Cody Guarnieri  July, 2017

"I am impressed with your work"- Attorney Timothy C. Moynahan  Dec. 2017

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